Rub in your beard and be happy

Beyer’s Oil makes the best out of your beard. It makes your skin smooth and let’s your beard feel gentle.

Beyer’s Oil is 100% made of all natural ingredients. It’s proudly handmade with love in Bavaria.


Made of all natural ingredients.


Manufactured handmade with love.


Proudly made in Bavaria.

Beard Oil Eisenkraut

Handmade of all natural oils of organic jojoba, lemon verbena, bergamotte & lavender. Smells fresh and citric, but not sweet. Bottle contains 30ml / 1 fl oz.


Beyer’s Oil cares for both your beard and your skin. It lets the skin beneath the beard feel smooth and moistly. The beard feels gentle and soft. Leave your bathroom feeling cherished.


Use whenever you want. Apply some drips of oil with the dropper directly on the skin beneath your dry beard. Then put some drips in the palm of your hand and rub it into your beard. Your beard shines as happy as you.

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