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About Beyer’s Oil

Bastian Beyer

During a year of parental leave Bastian Beyer started developing grooming products made from natural ingredients for his own use. A local barbershop loved them and immediately wanted to add them to its range. Since 2015, after thorough testing and certification, Beyer’s Oil Beard Care products are commercially available – now in over 100 barbershops, concept stores and online shops in 10 countries.


All Beyer’s Oil products are made from all-natural ingredients and are natural cosmetics compliant. Bastian Beyer uses only premium ingredients, like beeswax from a small hive in his home town near lake Chiemsee and certified organic jojoba oil. Precious essential oils from lemon verbena (German: Eisenkraut), bergamot, lavender and juniper come together for a refreshing scent.


All Beyer’s Oil products are handmade in Bavaria. Bastian Beyer tries to keep everything as regional as possible. Packaging and shipping is provided by local family businesses, brushes and combs are made in small manufactories.

A video about Beyer’s Oil by the publishers behind the beautiful “Makers Bible”:

How to use Beyer’s Oil?

A cool video by the Blackbeards explaining how to use beard oil, beard balm, beard pomade, beard wax and moustache wax:

Epicminutes Production visited me during the first production run of Beyer’s Oil Beard & Hair Pomade:


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