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Beard Care Tips

Tips on beard care and the right grooming products for you.

My beard care routine

  • Wash with beard shampoo 2-3 times per week, with plain water on other days
  • Air dry. Use a hairdryer on medium heat if you’re in a rush. Brush while drying for a smoother result
  • Distribute 4-5 drops of beard oil on the palm of your hand and rub it into the skin under your beard to prevent itchy and flaky skin
  • Work a pea-sized amount of beard balm or beard pomade through your beard. It nourishes, smooths and shapes your beard
  • Find out more about Beyer’s Oil here


What’s the right product for your beard?


The skin under your beard can be dry, making it itchy or even flaky. A facial moisturiser won’t reach that part of your skin, so a beard oil is a must. Applied correctly, it won’t just benefit your beard, but also your skin.


  • You can start using beard oil on designer stubble. Since it nourishes the skin underneath your beard, it will help prevent itching, making beard oil a must, even for beard newbies
  • Once your beard reaches 2-3 cm, beard hair starts to get unruly. Beard balm can help tame it. It provides some hold, nourishes and smooths beard hair
  • When your beard gets past 5 cm, you can blow dry it using a brush (but not too often, as the heat damages beard hair). To keep the dried beard smooth, you can use a solid beard pomade


Beard hair is sensitive and prone to dryness. Wash a longer beard with care to prevent damaged or frizzy hair. Wash with water regularly and only occasionally with a gentle shampoo or soap. Normal hair shampoo is too harsh on your beard, but if your hair isn’t too greasy, you can use your beard shampoo on your head. I even use my beard shampoo from head to toe